Crystal Romano - Senior Hair Stylist  Crystal Romano brings over 12 years of experience to the team, not only as a hair stylist but as a seasoned entrepreneur who once owned her own salon. Her talent for hair was discovered in one of the best ways: winning hair competitions! An avid skier, Crystal makes time to unwind by enjoying the therapeutic effects of painting and refinishing old furniture. When she has spare time, she is working on a top secret project to clone herself so she can indulge in her other passions; saving the world’s sea creatures by day, rock star by night. She balances the joys of motherhood by working one day a week at her salon, freelancing and reveling in the antics of her two awesome sons. I cannot live without: Paul Mitchell 1" curling iron || I feel my best when: my eyebrows are done and my hair is freshly colored || My beauty advice to you: Don't pick at your face!! They can leave scars and spread even more bacteria and most importantly, don't neglect your eyebrows. Nicole Scaffedi - Senior Hair Stylist
Nicole brings nearly a decade of experience and passion for art and the great outdoors to Erica Does Makeup. Born and raised in Bohemia, she is the artistic middle child, who discovered her talent when she was just nine years old.When she is not creating works of art with her stylish updos, Nicole loves to paint and hike. One day, her paintings will be hanging in a major gallery so remember, you saw her here first!
Current obsession: Friends is always my obsession || I feel my best when: my hair & makeup is done || My beauty advice to you: Be yourself. Do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Nicole Antos - Senior Hair Stylist A master stylist for 12 years, Nicole specializes in bridal work and especially skilled in editorial and photo shoot work. Passionate and enthusiastic, she loves what she does and is one of the few people who can say she is doing what she was born to do. She stays on top of the latest trends in fashion and beauty because her passion for hair is only matched by her passion to learn. A native of the Bronx and a fan of old school hip hop and R&B, Nicole maintains a healthy balance between her personal and professional life with dedication to her mind and body; a long distance runner since high school, she prefers a bike ride to watching television and highly recommends yoga, which she just started. When Nicole is not commuting from Long Island to the Bronx (and vice versa), you can find her running the Tunnel to Towers race from Brooklyn to Manhattan each year with her loyal girlfriends and partying with the dedicated firemen of our great city at night! I cannot live without: Dry shampoo, it has literally changed my life || Current obsession: 90 Day Fiance on TLC || My beauty advice to you: Always wash your face & moisturize before bed Angel Mendez - Lead Hair Stylist Angel, like many talented people, discovered his passion at a young age. His little sisters were his first customers, and they rocked the coolest looks for every school photo, thanks to him! When he's not dazzling clients with his flair for hair, you can find him lingering over brunch, wondering about the future, how he will make a fantastic house husband to the person lucky enough to deserve him and his skills. Ladies and gents, Angel is ready to show you what he's got. Are you? I never leave the house without: headphones || Current obsession: Schitt's Creek || My beauty advice to you: What works for everyone else isn't necessarily what what works for you. Find what works best for you! What makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful. Gina Hough - Lead Hair Stylist Bio coming soon! Nicole Digilio - Lead Hair Stylist Nicole has been providing numerous brides with beautiful and trendy updos for over 14 years. She can either create a hairstyle that says "you" all over it or can work with something classic, unique, modern, beautifully loose or romantic. She has studied and worked with companies such as TIGI Bed Head, L'oreal, Matrix and Pravana. She is also extremely skilled in different types of hair extension application. Wallace Peters - Hair Stylist Wallace is a highly sought stylist with eight years of experience in the hair and makeup industry. He is not only a talented and respected artist, but has made appearances on Good Morning America, Redbook magazine and Rachel Zoe's beauty bar in the Flatiron district. His style is fresh, innovative and unique; his vision and expectations are boundless and he strives for quality and substance in all that he does. A native of Brooklyn, he spends his spare time applying his skills with hair to creating delicious meals. Over dinner and wine, he enjoys discussing the brilliance of the hot comb with his colleagues and how many of us could benefit from such an efficient tool. I cannot live without: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. It completes me. It's like my magical fairy dust when styling.  || I never leave the house without: bobbi pins. You never know when you'll need a pin! || My beauty advice to you: leave the hair styling to the professionals. I'm seeing too many mullets due to clients trying to cut their own bangs. The bang correction is pretty much impossible. Samantha Arrow - Hair Stylist Samantha did not appreciate her hairdressing talents until she was older, when she finally realized how powerful her art was, bringing confidence and beauty to a person on her special day. She brings over ten years of experience to the Erica Does Makeup team and is a woman with diverse artistic ambitions. Her beautiful wedding styles has been featured in numerous publications include A native of Connecticut, Samantha enjoys yoga, painting and selling her artwork. She would love to style the cast of “The New Girl” but would prefer to join the offbeat characters as a rollerblading art lover with incredible hair! In her spare time, she adores her rescue animals, London & Shiva, beating her boyfriend at video games without breaking a sweat and working on her long gestating novel, “How London and Shiva Save the World.” Samantha currently splits her time between Connecticut and California. I cannot live without: Keratase Volume In powder. || Current obsession: Getting a really good night's sleep || My beauty advice to you: coconut oil, don't underestimate it's power